Elden Ring: The 4 Best and 4 Worst Things About The Main Quest

The journey to Elden Ring is anything but straightforward, and there’s several bumps in the road. In this article we discussed about the 4 Best and Worst Things About The Main Quest in Elden Ring

Despite its vast wide-open world Elden Ring has a primary quest, with a key route, telling a tale of the Tarnished entering the Lands Between, fighting their to defeat their way through the Shardbearers who carry fragments of the Elden Ring and eventually becoming Elden Lord.
The story spans the entirety of any game, leaving players free to take part to as much small a portion of the other areas and the open world they want. The main story has proven to be a hit with fans, and has numerous positive things to say about it however it’s not completely perfect and it does have some shortcomings.

4 Best and 4 Worst Things About The Main Quest in Elden Ring

4 Best Thing about main Quest in Elden Ring

  • It’s Very Flexible As To Where The Player Goes

4 Best and 4 Worst Things About The Main Quest in Elden Ring

In contrast to other FromSoftware game Elden Ring offers a fairly flexible and open progress, particularly in the beginning. The player is required to defeat two Shardbearers. after that, they’ll be granted entry into Leyndell which is the Royal Capital, and into the dungeons and locations that comprise the endgame.

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 In the end, the player will beat the of the two Shardbearers of their selection. Even bosses in the early game that appear obligatory such as Godrick the Grafted are able to be bypassed by them, so the game is populated with a few bosses that are not optional. It is likely that players will fight Godrick Renalla, Godrick, as well as General Radahn however they could also make their way to the endgame with other less apparent Shardbearers.

  • Some Absolutely Beloved Boss Fights

4 Best and 4 Worst Things About The Main Quest in Elden Ring

Boss battles have always been one of the main draws of FromSoft games. They’re the top of their design and challenge, testing all of the player’s abilities to make it through. Elden Ring has numerous boss fights. However, a lot of them are reused because of the game’s open-world design.

A journey through the main quest will give you a range of unique and diverse boss fights. A lot of them are popular and include fights with Margit and the Fell Omen, Godrick the Grafted, Starscourge Radahn and Horah Loux and Warrior.

  • There Is More Guidance Than Most FromSoft Games

4 Best and 4 Worst Things About The Main Quest in Elden Ring

FromSoftware games are famous for their ambiguity, making it difficult to know what direction the player is supposed to go, which is why they encourage playing with trial and error, as well as listening to NPCs. There’s plenty from this, particularly in Elden Ring especially in its open world. However, there’s also explicit direction that outlines the most important path.

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On the map , as well as in the game, players will notice arrows pointed towards a particular direction that originate from specific Sites of Lost Grace. They are known in the game as Guidance of Grace, these Arrows do not necessarily indicate the primary quest route however, they do indicate Legacy Dungeons which include a variety among which are crucial areas of the quest.

  • Trips To Some Of The Game’s Best Areas

4 Best and 4 Worst Things About The Main Quest in Elden Ring

In particular, with its open-world-style design regions are at least as crucial in Elden Ringas its boss fights are. Thanks to their open-world style, distinctive aesthetics and distinct enemies, the majority of areas of The Lands Between are easy to distinguish from each other, and extremely exciting to fight through.

The locations the player is required to explore during this main adventure are among the most enjoyable in the game – with a few hiccups. While some players are struggling with places like Crumbling Farum Azula, many are more awed by Limgrave, Caelid, Liurnia and The Altus Plateau, and the other locations that are heavily involved in this main mission.

4 Worst Thing about main Quest in Elden Ring

  • It Interacts Minimally With The Open World


A single Of Elden Ring’s selling highlights is the blend that combines Dark Souls-esque gameplay and a wide, open world. Its concept has proved extremely successful.

It was highly successful, with praise for the open-world format of the game as well as the range of places and zones to explore.

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The game’s primary storyline is only interacted with in its world. The main objective will take players across Legacy Dungeon after Legacy Dungeon with roads that run between them. The only way it interacts with the world is by locating the Glintstone Key for Raya Lucaria and leaving the majority of content non-essential.

  • The Main Quest Only Gives A Few Endings

Elden Ring Quest

Elden Ring outdoes the previous FromSoft games with more than six endings discovered thus far. Four of them involve Tarnished Marika becoming Marika’s lover as Elden Lord, and fixing the ring using a variety of variants, while the other two are definitely more bizarre.
The main goal of the game could result in an Age of Fracture ending, or possibly lead players to an Age of Order ending due to the Goldmask appearing on the main quest’s path. To reach the different possible endings the players must take a different route with no indication in the quest itself on how to accomplish this.

  • A Severe Underuse Of Melina

Character Melina

Melina is clearly designed to be a major protagonist to be the main protagonist in Elden Ring. She is seen and offered to be the player’s maiden. She gives players the chance to level up, as well as letting them go to Roundtable Hold. She also is said to be a part of the Tarnished and is also some significance in the later part of the story and is willing to sacrifice herself to let the Tarnished continue.

But, the game doesn’t make use of her. She’s clearly designed to serve as a clone of characters such as Doll from Bloodborne or the Doll of Bloodborne and that of the Firekeeper of Dark Souls III however, players interact with her much less frequently than her counterparts, with her conversations being easy to miss at certain Sites of Grace. In turn, some players feel they don’t have much of an emotional connection with her, which makes her sacrifice to be a lot more diluted in terms of emotional stakes.

  • Later Bosses Can Border On The Unfair

Fire Giants

While most of the bosses in the main quest are loved by players but there are others that people aren’t as in love with. In the final phase the focus appears to be more about difficulties rather instead of making the fights enjoyable Some players have complained of having difficulty with certain fights much more than they are enjoyable.

Particularly in particular, in particular, Fire Giant, Godskin Duo along with The Elden Beast are considered to be among the most gruesome enemies in the game. They are the Fire Giant is disliked for his strength, speed and a ridiculous amount of durability. and the Godskin Duo are considered unbalanced together, as is the Elden Beast for his speed and speed. It is nearly impossible for a player to catch up to. The fights in these two – the few that must be fought are criticized more than any other on the table.

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