Elden Ring Guide: How To Get The Village Of The Albinaurics

The Albinaurics village is a spooky location within Elden Ring, and here’s how players can get there.

One of the most appealing features in Elden Ring one of its best features is the open world with a myriad of tales being told across its vast landscape. In the multitude of tales to relate, one is an abandoned villagethat was destroyed by the chaos of Cursemongers. It’s the village of Albinaurics can be described as a mysterious place that is rife with the dread of death and suffering.

The trip to this location can be a long and tiring experience for players with no map vision and therefore collecting Liurnia of the Lakes map fragments could prove useful. Bring the reliable Spirit Ashes can assist in making the journey simpler, given that there is a boss battle within the boundaries of the village.

How to Get To Village of The Albinaurics Elden Ring

Nearest Site of Lost Grace that players can teleport to is Liurnia Lake Shore location to the south of Liurnia. The players who are tarnished should call Torrent to summon the Spirit Horse since it’s more efficient to travel in it. Keep riding northwards and stay on the cliff’s edge to the left.

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There are numerous creatures scattered across the swamp area where players begin their journey towards the village of the Albinaurics. To make the journey more enjoyable, be careful and avoid your attacks. When the swamp becomes dark, there ought to be a slope that climbs up. It is the slope that leads into the community.

The first sign that the players have reached the village is the numerous corpses hanging from the wooden poles. This is the entry point to The village of Albinaurics. Continue walking forward until Tarnished is confronted by the white spectral of a prayer before an unfinished well. Don’t bother and go around it to illuminate the site of Lost Grace. The players can now wander around the village, without fearing about their death.

In the next step, as they enter the village, Elden Ring players must beat the Perfumer enemies. After they have defeated the enemies, Tarnished players will be faced with two options:

  • A bridge on the left
  • A pathway behind the building

Find the way to the back of the shack and continue moving ahead till the noise of whistling is able to be heard. If, however, the participants try to determine the source of the noise they’ll not find anyone within the vicinity.

It’s since the NPC disguises themselves as a huge pot. When you knock on the pot, the villager who is wailing will show up. Talk to them and they’ll ask Tarnished to accept the Haligtree Secret Medallion (Right) and give it to Latenna.

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The Village Of The Albinaurics

After obtaining the Medallion then turn around and walk across the bridge to the opposite side. The player who is tainted will be confronted by a boss in the field called Omenkiller. It’s an easy fight and especially so due to the fact that it’s possible to summon Spirit Ashes is available in the boss fight. After winning this Elden Ringfield boss players will be awarded the Runes of 4900 as well as the Crucible Knot Talisman.

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