How to Defeat Misbegotten Warrior and Crucible Knight in Elden Ring

The Misbegotten Warrior is the first boss duo that comes along with the Crucible Knight in the Redmane Castledungeon in Elden Ring.

The Misbegotten Warrior is located in southeast Caelid at the Castle Plaza in Redmane Castle. They are right before the final boss of the area, the Crucible Knight.

It is possible for enemies to despawn from sidequests you have started before infiltrating Redmane Castle. This includes midbosses. You can revive them by speaking to Castellan Jerren in the chapel, before the boss arena. He will then fast travel to a place of grace.

How to defeat Misbegotten Warrior and Crucible Knight

This fight appears to be a simple encounter with the Leonine misbegotten. It is similar to the one at Castle Morne. The fight will become complicated when the Leonine is joined by the Crucible Knight around halfway through.

It is crucial to have a shield equipped with the Barricade Shield ability when dealing with the Misbegotten Warriors. This ability allows almost all of Leonine’s sword strikes to bounce off the shield, making it eligible for a free Guard Counter. This ability makes it trivial to encounter a Misbegotten Warriors, making this encounter easier.

The Crucible Knight will join the fight, so you should focus on the Misbegotten Warriors first. You don’t want to have to manage these two combatants. The Misbegotten warrior is much faster than the Knight, so draw it away and then continue your Barricade into Counter attack until he is defeated.

defeat Misbegotten Warrior and Crucible Knight

Now that the Misbegotten Warrior are out of your way, you can concentrate on the Crucible Knight, a more difficult foe. This foe is a formidable multi-hit combo with deceptive pauses between attacks and can be difficult to guard.

It is an opinion that simply parrying the Crucible Knights is the best way to defeat them. Unfortunately, we did not have a Barricade Shield shield to combat the Misbegotten Warriors. You will need to quickly swap your shield. Keep your shield on and watch for his telegraphed diagonal cuts which are easier to parry than his more powerful swings. Although it may take some time to master the timing, this is a great way to begin your journey to parry mastery.

You will need to master parry timing if you don’t have the skills. He usually holds one of his powerful thrusts or heavy slams for the end of a combination, which gives you a window of opportunity to score a few hits before he resumes.

The Knight will gain half his health and be able to add some dragon magic to his arsenal. The best defense against these attacks is not to engage. If you see him charging, you can either back away or strafe behind him. You should also wait until he charges before you attempt to dodge. Keep waiting for his usual sword combos to punish him (yet another reason parrying is best here, as he will do more damage if he leaves himself open to magic).

The Ruins Greatsword will be your reward for defeating the pair. The Festival will begin if the castle is empty of all enemies.

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