Can You Save Everyone in the Quarry? Best Ending Explained

The Quarry is the newest online horror video game by Supermassive Games. The game has an all-star cast that includes famous actors like Brenda Song, Justice Smith, Ariel Winter, and David Arquette. Similar to other games from Supermassive Games, the story is determined by the choices you make. You are able to choose who dies, who lives, and even whom they are in love on. Given the number of options there are that it’s difficult to find the perfect conclusion. With this article, we’ll help you achieve the best possible ending in the Quarry. There are spoilers to be found..

How to Get the Best Ending in The Quarry

The endings of the game is “good,” but the most satisfying one involves Laura murdering Silas in the forest , with Travis and Ryan each being able to survive. Caleb, Travis’ nephew is also able to survive this ending , based on whether Kaitlyn puts him into the freezing room. To get this to be a possible final chapter, you must complete the following tasks throughout every chapter:

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  • Chapter 3 3. Help save Nick from Bobby as Ryan
  • Chapter 7: Break loose the brick inside Laura’s cell
  • Chapter 7: Do not let Laura take Travis”gun
  • Chapter 9: Drug Travis as Laura
  • Chapter 9: Shoot Constance as Laura in the event of quick-time
  • Chapter 9: Do not take off the knife after Ryan is wounded. (You can take it off. Make sure you don’t stabbing Bobby by using the knife.)
  • Chapter 9: Do not stabbing Bobby with a knife
  • Chapter 9: Let Laura bite Ryan
  • Chapter 9 The goal is to have Ryan take out Chris in his form of a werewolf
  • Chapter 9 The goal is to have Laura and Travis collaborate

Once the steps have been completed, Ryan, Travis, and Laura begin their quest to locate Silas and break the curse of werewolves one and for all. In Chapter 10 take these steps:

  • If your car is likely to crash, you should select your wheel.
  • Allow Laura accept the blood of the werewolf from Ryan
  • Kill Silas as Laura

If you killed Silas and put Caleb inside the freezer of your lodge under the name of Kaitlyn Caleb, he’ll transform into a human, and then suffer from frigid. If you didn’t put the man in the freezer, Caleb will survive. That’s how you will have the most satisfying conclusion in The Quarry. You can get this ending even if some characters die. However, make sure that you ensure that you keep Laura, Travis, and Ryan alive until the end of Chapter 10.

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