Can I Disable Dynamic Island on iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max?

(Disable Dynamic Island) Since the release of the Dynamic Island feature in iOS 16 people have gone nuts over it. Sales of iPhone 14 Pro & Pro Max models are exploding. But there are some users who don’t enjoy this feature, and are of a different opinion. In this post, we’ll discuss the features Dynamic Island is and how to remove it from iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max.

With the iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max models, Apple has given an unusual cutout on the screen instead of the standard notch. The cutout is now Apple has become the very first firm to offer surprises such as that when they first introduced the notch, and people loved it regardless. However, with the Dynamic Island, it’s distinct as it blocks your view and features aren’t really useful particularly for those with large thumbs.

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Can I Disable Dynamic Island on iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max?

Instead of seeing it as a feature many users have come recognize that it is an attempt to conceal the cutouts of the front camera and other sensors. Today, Apple already has the solution to the old generation notch to address this issue. But, Dynamic Island is what Apple introduced and most users are satisfied with the feature. However, many users believe that the feature isn’t as useful because of several reasons.

  • Dynamic Island cutout can be a nuisance: Therefore, the dynamic island is a bit intrusive even when it is not being used such as. watching Youtube videos.
  • Smudges on the camera that attract attention: Because Dynamic Island is constantly changing, people will interact with it and may scratch the front camera quite a bit. Therefore, every time you need to use your front camera, be sure to clean it clean.
  • difficult for large fingers and thumbs Apple did not think about those with large thumbs and aren’t necessarily able to benefit from the feature to the fullest extent.
  • It is not possible to disable the feature: It’s true that many people enjoy using Dynamic Island, however most users do not. It’s a shame to note that Dynamic Island function is integrated within the iPhone 14 Pro lineup, that it isn’t able to be disabled. Therefore, you must stay with the feature , with no alternative to disable it.

Dynamic Island Features on iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max

There is a fact that you aren’t able to do anything or have the option to disable this Dynamic Island option on either the iPhone 14 Pro or Pro Max. But, the feature is still relatively new and it’s exciting to examine how app developers utilize this feature.

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What kind of look do you think Dynamic Island look in the future? Time will tell. However, according to the primary creator of this feature, Apple is going to continue to expand it and add more features.


We’re now at the conclusion of this guide to remove Dynamic Island in the iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max. It’s disappointing to note that this feature is integrated into the latest version of iOS 16 that it is not possible to remove it completely. If you are not a fan of this feature in any way and you don’t want it, then you may need to buy an iPhone 14 or 14 Plus model that has the standard notch design and no dynamic island feature.

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