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Best Weapons in Rogue Company

We’ve identified the most effective weapons for any situation in Rogue Company

Rogue Company not only offers an array of characters as well as options for weapons. It could be melee one-handed pistols and weapons or heavy artillery, like assault rifles or LMGs. Rogue Company has something for all.

Here are a few of the top weapons to pick from in Rogue Company.

Best Weapons in Rogue Company

Naturally, the weapon you pick will mostly depend on the the context. Shotguns, for instance, are great for close-quarters battles because they are able to kill an adversary with just one shot. Sniper rifles as well as marked marksman rifles (DMRs) offer a wide range and are better suited to long-range warfare.

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Therefore, we’ve identified the top weapons from Rogue Company based on four particular factors: the rate of damage (DPS) as well as overall body damage the range, and handling.

Best for DPS

RankNameTypeUsersBody DamageRangeMagazine SizeHandlingReload Time
1SL-CSMGRonin and Scorch1311.530 Rounds221.4 Seconds
2MLX MawLMGAnvil161860 Rounds264 Seconds
3D40-CSMGChaac and Sigrid131140 Rounds202 Seconds
4LMP-XSMGGl1tch and Talon1612.530 Rounds351.35 Seconds
524SSMGLancer and Switchblade161224 Rounds241.35 Seconds

Best for Body Damage

RankNameTypeUsersBody DamageRangeMagazine SizeHandlingReload Time
1LR15 FullbodySniper RiflesPhantom and Runway80704 Rounds560.5 Seconds
2ArbitratorShotgunAnvil and Scorch8072 Rounds152.4 Seconds
3SKL-6ShotgunChaac and Gl1tch7585 Rounds290.38 Seconds
4TyrSniper RiflesThe Fixer65502 Rounds151.4 Seconds
5MambaDMRDima and Saint482930 Rounds1362 Seconds

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Best for Range

RankNameTypeUsersBody DamageRangeMagazine SizeHandlingReload Time
1LR15 FullbodySniper RiflesPhantom and Runway80704 Rounds560.5 Seconds
2TyrSniper RiflesThe Fixer65502 Rounds151.4 Seconds
3DevotionDMRDallas47378 Rounds470.5 Seconds
4Arren L2-12DMRSeeker323515 Rounds511.6 Seconds
5D3D-iDMRTalon and The Fixer423012 Rounds391.8 Seconds

Best for Handling

RankNameTypeUsersBody DamageRangeMagazine SizeHandlingReload Time
1MambaDMRDima and Saint482930 Rounds1362 Seconds
2A3 SalvoPistolScorch and Seeker401518 Rounds1021.8 Seconds
3LR15 FullbodySniper RiflesPhantom and Runway80704 Rounds560.5 Seconds
4MLX Mark 4Assault RifleSaint and Switchblade192030 Rounds552.3 Seconds
5Arren L2-12DMRSeeker323515 Rounds511.6 Seconds

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