Best way to Get the Season 16 Artifact in Destiny 2

Everything you must be aware of to gain the synaptic Spear to unlock the Synaptic Spear Destiny 2 (Artifact in Destiny 2)

It’s been an extended six months however The Witch Queen and Season 16 are finally here, and with it , a brand-new seasonal artifact. There’s no longer 1k Voices or Sleeper Simulant dominant META. We’re now looking at the possibility of… however I’m not entirely sure of what we’re looking at. The classic heavy-archetype dominant artifact mod is an old fashion and new Void-based perks are being introduced in the final game of PvE content.

Before you get worried about it However, you really must obtain the item. We’ll guide you through how to acquire that Season 16 Artifact in Destiny 2.

Best Way to Get the Synaptic Spear in Destiny 2

If you log into Destiny on the first occasion during Season 16 the game will be taken to the first game mission in The Witch Queen DLC. The DLC is intended to some extent it is designed to work in conjunction with S16 which means you’ll have to complete it beyond the initial mission.

After this, and you’re now to your Enclave on Mars You’ll have to talk to Ikora. Click through a dialogue, and you’ll learn that you must take part in a meeting between Caiatl along with Ikora, who is the Vanguard inside the Tower Hanger.

Evidently, she’s angry by the fact that you killed a portion of her soldiers during the mentioned Witch Queen mission.

Following your meeting you’ll get access to the latest seasonal event: PsiOps Battlegrounds. You’ll have to complete one of these games before you can gain full access to the brand-new seasonal artifact.

The whole process shouldn’t last longer than an hour regardless of whether you choose to tackle Witch Queen before tackling Season 16. Make sure to remember that everyone’s lighting has been reset, which means you’ll not be in a position to confront the content as yet.

In terms of the artifact is a significant shift from the META for Fusion Rifle that we’ve been so comfortable with in the past six months. It’s obvious that this year’s season will be focused on the brand new Void 3.0 subclass, with lots of the final-game artifact mods directly interfacing with the Void 3.0 subclass.

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