Best Ships to be used in Lost Ark

According to Speed, durability, all-around performance… These are the most powerful & best ships in Lost Ark!

It’s been well documented how crucial shipping is for Lost Ark. Because you have to explore many islands, and locations on the map to progress within the game. Therefore knowing which ships will to take you from A to B the fastest is essential.

With this in mind This is why we have selected the best ships you can use in Lost Ark.

What are the Best Ships to used in Lost Ark?

To unlock all the features in the game you must to be able sail the open ocean. However, to navigate the open seas you must have an actual vessel. This is why, here are the top ships to utilize for the adventure of Lost Ark:

1. Estoque (BEST OVERALL)

While it’s the first ship that you get in Lost Ark however, it is the most powerful overall ship in the game. With a strong basic speed of just 20 and 30’s all over the board, it is able to withstand Cold Snap Seas, Dead Waters, Kelp Beds, Sandstorm Seas, Siren Seas and Tempest Seas.

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Estoque: Estoque is a well-rounded ship that can handle any mission that you encounter in the game. It’s also one of the easiest to accessible as it’s available instantly after completing your “Set Sail” quest in the main storyline.

2. Astray (FASTEST)

In contrast to the Estoque As opposed to the Estoque, the Astray isn’t nearly as able to withstand each of the dangers that could be found as the Estoque is Lost Ark. However it’s still resistant to Kelp Beds (23), Sandstorm Seas (22) and Cold Snap seas (22). It’s also arguably the most sought-after ship on the island of Lost Ark because of its amazing initial speed of just 22 knots. This ship will require longer to obtain, however, since it requires you to attain the level 3 reputation the “She Drifts” and Sea Gifts” Una daily quest.

3. “Eibern’s Wound/Ghost” Ship (MOST Durable)

Not to be left out, we have the strongest (and most attractive) vessel in game: Eibern’s Wund also known as “The Ghost Ship”. With the base speed of 18.3 It certainly isn’t the fastest ships in games. However, it compensates the difference with its ability to endure a lot of travel due to its durability rating of 4200.

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The mighty resistance is displayed against Dead Waters (50), and decent resistance to Cold Snap Seas (25) and Tempest Seas (22). To gain Eibern’s Wound you’ll need to achieve the level 3 reputation for the “Bleak Night Fog” It is a daily quest.

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