Best Rogues/Characters in Rogue Company

Checkout our latest and updated list of the most renowned and Best Rogues in the Rogue Company

As of the date when this article was written, Rogue Company has a total of 25 characters and Rogues to pick from. Each one is unique and comes with its own advantages and unique skills. As a result, a lot of your decision will boil down to the way you prefer to play and what skill set you most value.

However, there are some Rogues/characters who have been through over time, and are more effective than others.

In light of this Here are the best Rogues/characters from Rogue Company.

Best Rogues/Characters in Rogue Company

#5 – Ronin (Duelist)

Let’s begin with one of the most complete Rogues that we have in our game: Ronin. Perhaps the most energetic ability within Rogue Company, there’s no doubt that she’s among the top characters to play. The “Ballistic Knife” instantly explodes enemies while notifying that your squad of the presence. In addition, she has her “Underground” passive ability ensures that she’s invincible to enemy radar detection.

#4 – Dallas (Intel)

Dallas is easily among the top overall Rogues on the planet especially if you love looking for your foes. The Dallas “Target Finder” allows him to instantly pinpoint the enemy’s position. It then resets when you eliminate the enemy due to the “Recharge” ability. That makes him among the most important assets for the team in that it’s the only one who has the ability to gain crucial information about the location of an enemy.

#3 – The Fixer (Sniper)

Nextup, we are going to introduce The Fixer. He is undoubtedly an extremely deadly players of Rogue Company. Actually, because of his unique skills and abilities, he’s capable to cause more damage in long-range combat than any other player on the field. The ability he has is “Thermal Vision” allows him to see the enemy through smoke, which can set you up for some very deadly sneak attacks.

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In addition, it’s “Shrapnel Rounds” passive ability reduces enemy movement for a period of time after they’ve been injured by a firearm.

#2 – Dahlia (Support)

Dahlia is a different incredibly strong character from Rogue Company and a mastermind of tactics that rely on teams. To be fair she’s also among the more technically-minded Rogues on the market, which means that it can be a bit difficult to learn. However, her broad skills make her worth the effort. She has the “Danger Close” primary ability allows her to connect to an ally an entire period of time, and then be revived. Additionally, the passive “Buddy System” ability allows her to connect to an ally and then take control of their passive abilities.

#1 – Scorch (Duelist)

Scorch takes the top spot as the duelist who has the ability to cause the most damage in the absence of. Because of her special “Overheat” ability, all weapons and melee attacks can make enemies go up in flames with a lot of damage in a short time.

In addition, she has a inactive “Fireproof” ability makes her invulnerable to fire, which goes in tandem with her primary ability. This lets her win fights, and destroy any opponent that crosses her way. This makes Scorch one of the more dangerous characters in Rogue Company.

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