Best Legendary Gems in Diablo Immortal

Diablo Immortal is available for quite a while now. The players aren’t sure what Legendary Gems they should use to equip their characters with. In Diablo Immortal every one of your items includes the Gem Slot. Players can choose to insert the standard Gem or an Legendary Gem in slots on equipment like belts, rings and boots, among others.

These Legendary Gems provide additional ability to existing items that make the character more powerful. Making the right choice of gems for your item will allow you to climb up the leaderboard quickly. But getting the gems isn’t as easy like it seems. The following article we’ll assist players in selecting the most suitable Legendary Gems for their character/build.

What are Legendary Gems in Diablo Immortal

To put it in simpler phrases, Legendary Gems are just enhanced variants from Normal Gems. Players can put these Gems to their primary equipment’s slots, which includes things such as chests, heads and weapon.

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As they reach higher ranks the players can also receive Magic Find. Alongside the stat boosts players also get an additional boost, such as the ability to reduce damage from enemies, receiving healing when killing enemies, and so on.

Best Legendary Gems in Diablo Immortal

We now know exactly what Legendary Gems offer us. We will now be able to discover the most powerful Legendary Gems for players playing the game. Legendary Gems are divided into three levels, which include One-star, Two-star and Fiver-star.

One-Star Legendary Gems

The One-star gems form the starting stage in those who seek Legendary Gems. If one is lucky they could get fairly decent Gems. However, they’re best used in the early or mid-game because monsters can be extremely difficult once they get more.

Here is the list of tiers for the top One-star Legendary Gems available in Diablo Immortal. There are other Legendary Gems however those gems are all present in the game’s content, and don’t really have any value.

Chained Death

  • Enhances the damage you cause through the attacks you make by 1.50 percent per hit to the target Up to a maximum 4.5 percentage with 3 targets.
  • Damage from chained deaths is increased up to a maximum 4 targets (Level 3).).
  • Players have an increase of 5% of getting Magic things (Level 5.).

Everlasting Torment

  • Critical hits can cause agony to enemies , causing 16.7 percent base damage plus each third second, for 3 secs. Every player will be affected each time for 6 seconds.
  • Each person who is afflicted with pain increases the Attack Speed of 1 %. Every enemy will be affected every six minutes (Level 3.).
  • The players have an increased chance of 5% of getting Magic things (Level 5,).

Berserker’s Eye

  • The damage you deal by 5.00 percent, and also increases the amount of damage you suffer by 6.6%.
  • It increases your Critical Hit Chance by 1 % (Level 3,).
  • Players have an increase of 5% of discovering Magic objects (Level 5.).

Two-star Legendary Gems

The Legendary Gems with Two Stars are the most suitable choice for players who want to focus on quality and damage since they have a lot more than one-star gems. They are an excellent choice for players at mid-game and moving towards the final phase of their game.

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This is a listing of the top Two-star Legendary Gems from Diablo immortal. In this category, there are two gems.

Power & Command

  • Power and Command alternate states every 9 seconds. Power increases Primary Attack damage by 7.5 percent. Command also increases the damage of other skills by 7.5 percent.
  • You stand a 8percent chance of releasing an adverse effect on your character each time you Power and Command switch (Level 3,).
  • Players have an increase of 10% of getting Magic things (Level 5.).

Fervent Fang

  • Every attack you take against an opponent increases the damage you get in your attack by 0.75 percent, and up to a maximum 7.5 percent for 10 stacks.
  • Every damage you cause to Elite monsters is increased by 1.5 percent (Level 3.).
  • Players have an increase of 10% of getting Magic objects (Level 5.).

Five-star Legendary Gems

The five-star Legendary Gems are the most valuable gems that are available to players playing. They’re all round with regards to numbers and give a more powerful boost to players when put into the slots of the equipment they’re playing with.

These gems are the ideal option for players who want to focus on the game’s end-game progress. This is a top five-star Legendary Gems available in Diablo Immortal. Within this category, we’ve got two gems.

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Seeping Bile

  • Attacks offer the chance to poison opponents, inflicting 25 percent + 303 points of damage per minute for three seconds. The Poison can be spread to other enemies when they die. It will not affect the same person more than every six seconds.
  • The Poison also slows down enemy movement speed by 12.5 percent (Level 3.).
  • Players have an increased chance of 15% of locating Magic objects (Unlocks at rank 5).

Blood-soaked Jade

  • The damage you take increases by 10% and increases your movement Speed by 10%. with a lesser damage bonus. lower your Life to at least 5percent.
  • Take 2.5 percent less damage when less than 50. (Level 3).
  • Players get an increase of 15% of getting Magic things (Level 5.).


That is where we come to the end of this article on the Top legendary Gems available in Diablo Immortal. Although these Gems offer a powerful boost in stats for your weapons however, they don’t solely focus on one statistic, rather they offer both Resonances as well as Combat Rating.

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