Best Faith Weapons in Elden Ring

Here’s a listing of some of the top Best Faith Weapons in Elden Ring, with their statistics as well as an overview of where they can be found.

In Elden Ring Elden Ring, the ability to operate the majority of fundamental weapons is determined by your physical traits which include your strength as well as your Dexterity and the list goes on. Certain weapons require advanced levels in other areas such as the magical weapon, for example could be requiring Intelligence. If a weapon specifically making use of holy magic, it might include an Faith requirement. Here’s what you need be aware of Best Faith weapons found in Elden Ring.

Faith is the final stat that you can find on the list of character attributes on the Status menu. The main use of Faith is that it allows players to use Incantations or Sacred Seal weapons, the sacred counterpart to Glintstone staves and other sorceries. Certain rare weapons found in Elden Ring However, they might require certain levels of Faith in addition to Faith damage scaling, either alongside or instead of damage that is physical or magical scaling. This makes these weapons useful for classes such as Confessors, which have high levels of Faith at the start but technically every class can benefit from these weapons with sufficient leveling and points allocated.

Best Faith Weapons in Elden Ring

There are obviously plenty of number of weapons within Elden Ring, far too many of which either meet Faith requirements or are compatible in Faith to mention For ease of use, below is an overview of faith-powered weapons and their basic specifications, and a brief outline of where you can find them.

Winged Scythe

  • Weapon Class: Reaper
  • Scaling: STR E, DEX D, FAI D
  • Requirements: STR 16, DEX 16, FAI 24
  • Special Ability: The Angel’s Wings Holy-powered jumping attack that hinders foes to utilize healing abilities, such as Flasks.

One of the first faith-powered weapons that you can lay to play with, the Winged Scythe is great for people who want to do a bit more holy damage and suffer some of it. When it comes to damage output There are better weapons however, if you have the Faith to use it, it could be a great early-game companion.

The Winged Scythe can be found in the Tombsword Ruins, located in the western portion of Weeping Peninsula. Find the staircase that is going down until you reach an unmarked chest that contains the Winged Scythe.

Golden Halberd

  • Weapon Class: Halberd
  • Scaling: STR D, DEX E, FAI D
  • Requirements: STR 30, DEX 14, FAI 12
  • Special Skills: Golden Vow boost yourself and your allies with more attacks and defensive abilities for a short duration.

Technically in terms of design, technically speaking, the Golden Halberd is the first faith-powered weapon that you can get in the Elden Ring, but in the majority of cases, it won’t be the first, due to a reason I’ll discuss in a moment. When you do find it, however it’s an impressive weapon with a good quantity of Holy Damage, bolstered by physical power. The requirement for Strength is quite high, and it’s definitely a weapon that is geared towards certain classes.

The reason why you’re probably not going to find it before It’s because the Golden Halberd is the personal weapon of the Tree Sentinel, one of the bosses that you will meet in the field following leaving the area of tutorial. You must overcome him in order to acquire it, and you certainly will not succeed the first time. Best Faith Weapons in Elden Ring

Cipher Pata

  • Weapon Class: Fist
  • Scaling: FAI C
  • Requirements: FAI 30
  • Special Skills: Unblockable Blade unleash a slashing attack which cannot be blocked through any method.

This weapon is for those who are highly religious. You don’t require strength or Intelligence to utilize it, you just need Faith and it does holy harm, and not physical damage. If Faith is your most powerful attribute then you should definitely benefit from Cipher Pata and the Unblockable Blade skill. You can also use it dual-wielding to create two swords of light appear in your hand!

Cipher Pata is located inside The Roundtable Hold. If you climb the central staircase and then jump off onto the balconies, you’ll end up in a huge open space and at the left-hand corner will be the corpse of an unmarked bed, holding the weapon. It’s a warning that dropping down will result in you the NPC invader mad tongue alberich. It’s true that you technically aren’t required to defeat the guy to earn Cipher Pata However, the path back to the balcony will not be available until you beat him, so you’ll either need to defeat either him, or just let him take you down and quit the Runes that you’ve got.

Gargoyle’s Blackblade

  • Weapon Class: Greatsword
  • Scaling: STR D, DEX E, Fai D
  • Requirements: STR 18, DEX 10, FAI 22
  • Special Skills: Cutter Corpse The blade is charged up and then launch it in a projectile that can hit other enemies.

This is a massive sword. Just like you would expect from a sword of great quality this Gargoyle’s Blackblade is extremely powerful in close proximity due to its powerful physical and holy damage. But because of its skill Corpse Wax Cutter is able to keep pressure on your adversaries outside of striking distance. Make sure to use it with two hands. Best Faith Weapons in Elden Ring

The Gargoyle’s Blackblade is gained by beating The Black Blade Kindred, a massive gargoyle that, strangely, does not really use it in combat. There are a few different Black Blade Kindreds in the world. The one that you’re looking for is in the vicinity of Dragonbarrow’s Bestial Sanctum in Dragonbarrow. This one Black Blade Kindred also drops another weapon called Gargoyle’s Black Halberd, which is another excellent Faith weapon to have if you’re looking for several options.

Coded Sword

  • Weapon Class: Straight Sword
  • Scaling: FAI B
  • Requirements: FAI 20
  • Special skill: Unblockable Blade the same as Cipher Pata See above.

Another excellent weapon for those who are particularly religious, with an easier threshold in entrance than Cipher Pata and a more effective Faith scaling. The Coded Sword as well as Cipher Pata have the same flat damage rating and are just dealing holy damage however, because the Coded Sword is physical form and is more durable, it has slightly more resistance to other kinds of attacks. The only advantage Cipher Pata is able to offer over Coded Sword is the fact that Cipher Pata offers superior holy defense and is not weightless however the higher scale is a fair trade-off.

The Coded Sword can be found in Leyndell which is in the Royal Capital. It’s positioned on a table in an abandoned stable for horses in the world of the dead.

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