Best Elden Ring Progression Route

Progression Route: Elden Ring is an amazing game, and a large part of the excitement in the game is due to its difficultness. We’re not expecting anything less than the best from FromSoftware Inc. who are known for their most brutal games such as Dark Souls and Sekiro.

Elden Ring is an open-world RPG that allows players to access to all locations in the game. The massive dimensions that is Elden Ring is no joke and even experienced players may struggle to navigate the many locations of the game. If you’re confused and do not have a clear path this guide can be the thing you need to survive the acrimony in Elden Ring’s Lands Between.

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Easiest Elden Ring Progression Route

elden ring progression route

We’ve put together an easy guide to guide you in your travels and to select areas based on your experience within the game. You don’t have to adhere to the instructions in the book. It is best to use this to refer to and learn the basics within the game. This is the simplest path to progression:

  • West Limgrave: Level one to 15, upgrade weapon From 0 to +1
  • East Limgrave: Level 10 to 20, upgrade weapon from +1 to +2
  • Weeping Peninsula: From 20 to 30 levels Upgrade your weapon from +3 to +4
  • Roundtable Hold
  • Stormveil Castle The Castle is at levels 30 to 40 Upgrade your weapon from (+3-4). A major point in your game’s progress.
  • South Liurnia of the Lakes from 40 to 50 levels Weapon upgrade +3 to +4
  • Raya Lucaria Academy: Level 50-60, weapon upgrade from +4 to +6
  • East Liurnia of the Lakes Level 50-60 Weapon upgrade +4 to +6
  • Ainsel River: Level 50 to 60, upgrade weapon +4 to +6
  • West Liurnia of the Lakes Level 60 to 70 Weapon upgrade +8 to +12
  • Siofra River: Level 60+ Weapon upgrade +8 up to +12
  • South Caelid: Level 60+ Upgrade weapon +10 to +12
  • Nokron, Eternal City: Level 70+ and weapon weaponupgrade From +15 to +20
  • Siofra Aqueduct: Level 70+ Upgrade weapon +15 to +20
  • Carian Study Hall Carian Study Hall: Level 70+, weapon upgrade from +15 to +20
  • Deeproot Depths: Level 70+ upgrade weapon +15 to +20
  • Nokestella, Eternal City: Level 80+, upgrade weapon from +15 up to +20. Another massive Checkpoint to be found in this game.
  • Lake of Rot Lake of Rot 80+, upgrade to weapon +15 to +20
  • Altus Plateau: Level 60+ Upgrade your weapon from +10 to +14
  • Mt Gelmir at least level 80, upgrade to weapon +15 to +20
  • Leyndel Royal Captial Level 90 to 110 Weapon upgrade +15 to +20
  • Forbidden Lands at least level 90, upgrade weapon +20 to +24

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  • The Mountaintops of the Giants At least Level 90+ upgrade weapon +20 to +24
  • Consecrated Snowfield Level 90+ Upgrade your weapon from +20 to +24
  • Mohgwyn Palace Level 100+, weapon upgrade +20 , then +24
  • Miquella’s Haligtree at least level 120, upgrade weapon +25
  • Crumbling Farum Azula: Level 120+, weapon upgrade +25
  • Leyndell, Ashen Captial: Level 150+, weapon upgrade +25
  • Subterranean Shunning Grounds Level 150+, weapon upgrade 25

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