What are the Best Elden Ring Bleed Build

Here’s what you need be aware of Bleed build within Elden Ring.

Elden Ring Bleed Build: In Elden Ring, you can find various status effects that you can strike opponents with (and they could also strike you with) with your weapons or magic. These status effects could drain the health of a person, slow their movements as well as siphon FP and in some instances, trigger immediate death! What fun. The most risky of these effects on status, but it’s also the most simple to use: Hemorrahging or, as you like, Bleeding. This is what you should be aware of Bleeding builds in Elden Ring.

As a status effect Bleed isn’t supernatural nor unintelligible, but rather a nature of living things. If you sustain Bleed-related injuries from an enemy typically one with claws or sharp weapons The Bleed meter will appear on the screen, and is colored with a dark red. Every subsequent Bleed attack will fill the meter. When it is completely filled then you’ll suffer Blood Loss, instantly slicing off a huge chunk off your health. This is because Bleed is so simple , it’s hard to resist, however, it works as effectively against enemies just as it does against you. With the right weapon, and a clever strategy for distributing stats, you can make an Bleed-based weapon in the Elden Ring that can be devastating by constantly refilling an opponent’s Bleed meter.

Elden Ring Bleed Build

What do we require to do in order to make things run red here? The first thing we need to do is weapons. As I said, the majority of bladed weapons are able to inflict bleeding damage, even if they’re not used for that purpose. It’s possible to enhance the weapon’s ability to deal Bleed damage by using specific Ashes of War and/or modifying the affinity of the Whetblade but you should be aware that changing the affinity of a weapon to Blood will reduce the scale of its stats other than Arcane.

We need an weapon that is already designed to cause Bleed injury. There are several options in this category, but the most effective is the Katana Rivers of Blood. This name alone should sway you off to the potential of it can do.

Here are Rivers of blood’s figures:

  • Damage Type: 89 Phys, 89 Fire, 100 Crit
  • Scalings: STR E, DEX D, ARC D
  • Requirements: STR 12, DEX 18, ARC 20
  • Status Effects: 50 Bleed
  • Special Skill: Corpse Piler. Unleashes a sequence of slashes that are wide and red.

The base damage output is insane enough, but even more so in the event that you upgrade it and when you add bleeding caused by both its standard slashes as well as the Corpse Piler, you are able to take huge chunks off of an opponent’s HP using just a couple of combinations.

Rivers of Blood is dropped by Bloody Finger Okina, an NPC invader who spawns just in front of the Church of Repose in the eastern portion of Mountaintops of the Giants. Elden Ring Bleed Build

As a standalone, Rivers of Blood can offer the majority of the bloody goodness you’ll need however, if you truly would like to take it to your home, you can utilize it alongside an additional Katana. Any standard katana can work just fine like the Samurai’s initial Uchigatana If you’re looking for a suggestion then you ought to acquire Bloody Finger Hunter Yura’s signature sword, Nagakiba. He’ll offer it to you after you’ve completed the questline or kill him and get the sword. Whatever you decide to do, if use to it the Bloody Slash Ash of War to it, you’ll get two weapons that can deal out insane bleeding damage as well as regular damage that swings one after one after the one.

In terms of stat allocation, you’ll need STR as well as DEX and ARC in the main, as those three are the ones that Rivers of Blood and Nagakiba scale to. A bit of END could be helpful too, since Katanas are generally slightly more heavy than the other weapons of sword type. If you’re feeling a bit creative, you can also choose some Faith or at the very minimum enough to utilize the version known as Bloodflame Blade, which enhances the ability of a weapon to deal Bleed damage even more.

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