Android 12 Amazing Features, will the phone be stronger than the iPhone?

Android 12 New Features Coming Soon in android phone

With the arrival of Android 12 new features, your smartphone is going to vary completely. Google has announced that it will give users many great features.

Google has announced the Android 12 (Android 12) operating system. The beta version of the operating system is currently available for some brands including Vivo, OnePlus, Oppo, and other brands. Let you know that some features will be available only for Google Pixel phones in this year.

The new Android version will add new color themes, good privacy features, fast app loading, and other features to your phone. In such a situation, today we have brought the 12 most powerful features for you, due to which your Android phone is going to change completely this year. Please tell that with the introduction of new features, you will get a different experience in running the phone.

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Android 12 new features

Android 12 Features

The phone will be faster: With the arrival of Android 12, your phone will be faster and the battery will also be saved. Google has reduced the CPU time here so that the core system service are often increased by 22 percent.

Get a new privacy dashboard: Users will get a new privacy dashboard. It can provide you a new view for the permission settings, while at the same time it will also tell which app is accessing your data. With the dashboard, you will be able to stop the permission of any app.

The camera and microphone will be cautious during use: A new indicator feature will be added to the phone so that if any app accesses your camera or microphone, then you will know immediately about it. After this, you can also remove it.

Remote App: You will now able to control Smart TV from your smartphone. For this, the company will provide remote support.

Nearby button: You will be able to share your WiFi connection. All this will be possible with the help of a QR code. That is, the Nearby button will assist you.

Use a big phone with a one-handed mode: If you have a big phone, then you will be able to use a big phone with a one-handed mode.

Google Assistant will be activated with a power button: Now you can turn on Google Assistant by pressing the power button for some time. This pixel will work on the phone.

UI design will change: Android 12 OS will completely change the look of your smartphone and you will get a new design. In the interface, you”ll get new color options, animations, and tile designs.

Instead of accurate, give an improper location: In Android 12 you will be able to control the location. For this, once you give permission to the app, you’ll give any location access rather than the exit location. That is, you do not need to give your location for the weather now.

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Color extraction will change the color of your phone: The wallpaper you employ. With Android 12 on a Pixel device, you can completely change your phone and use custom colors with widgets. That is, whatever your wallpaper is, the color inside the phone will change in the same way.

Tiles and more information: When you lower down the notification shade, you will see big icons. Apart from this, you”ll be able to go to the settings directly from here.

Private Compute Core: This feature will activate Live Caption, Now Playing, Smart Reply. The audio and language processing that you will run on the device will be kept completely separate from the network so that your privacy will be protected.

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