Every Tarot Card locations in The Quarry

The Quarry has many collectibles but the most important are the Tarot Card. Between chapters, you are able to have Eliza listen to them and give you an idea of a “potential future” that will help you make better decisions. They can be helpful however they are difficult to locate. It’s a good thing you can peruse our list below to locate all 22you’ll find one for every Major Arcana.

All 22 Tarot Card locations in The Quarry

There’s one thing to be aware of when collecting cards. Instead of picking them up from the ground, you’ll find them in areas of the foreground when you are in a certain area. When the camera changes to reveal them, you can use the action button grab them.

The Fool – Prologue

One Tarot Card is found right after Laura quits Max to go back home in The Quarry. Take a left on the mound while the camera’s position will change to reveal the card.

Temperance – Chapter 1

Jacob is able to be able to enter the lodge through the library. When inside, take an U-turn to the right , and you will walk into the kitchen. The card is behind a pan that is on the stove.

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The Hanged Man – Chapter 2

If Nick as well as Abi are in the woods there’s a choice between Shady Glade or Rocky Road. Choose Rocky Road. Once you reach the sign that says “falling rocks and follow the path on the right. The card will appear on top the cliff while you follow the path.

The Tower – Chapter 3

It’s in the beginning of the chapter. It’s with Abi. Turn around immediately and take one right as the dirt path splits. The camera’s angle is likely to change however, you should continue walking to the side you’re looking at. When you walk forward you’ll be able to see the card in a forest.

The Star – Chapter 3

The boathouse is where we found Jacob. Take a straight line from the dock and you’ll find it attached to an upright column.

Strength – Chapter 4

Tarot Card locations in The Quarry

The scene is a cutscene , the only one that actually does. If you help Dylan return to the lodge using the wheelbarrow it will be shown its insides before the counselors get in. Click to release it off the table that it’s attached to.

The Magician – Chapter 4

If you begin with Emma in the middle of the island you can turn around and walk back towards the dock. The dock will appear just as you are getting closer to the shore.

Tarot Card locations in The Quarry

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The Devil – Chapter 5

The first is one of the two Tarot cards that you’ll see once you’re under the control of Dylan. When you reach the cabins, walk towards the picnic table next to the swing. Take a walk between them and look for it.

The Hermit – Chapter 5

The second is in the radio building. You can walk between the concrete base of the tower as well as the radio hut; the camera will move to allow you to be able to see the hut.

Justice – Chapter 6

It is located when you walk out of the path with Jacob. Take a left and continue to the right, passing the point at which the path is muddy. You’ll find it on the lower part of the path.

The Moon – Chapter 6

Five showers are available inside the house of pool. While you’re walking around with Abi take a shower in the third shower and then walk towards the middle shower. It will be visible close to the showerhead.

The World – Chapter 7

You’ll find it inside the cell of Laura however it’s not easy. You must circle around in the middle inside the cells until you spot it.

Tarot Card locations in The Quarry

The Chariot – Chapter 7

After you’ve walked around the station, walk to the middle of desks of the cops. There’s a sign that it’s attached to the wall.

The Lovers – Chapter 8

When the railing comes to an end into an archway made of stone. Take a left, then step out onto the platform to view it.

Wheel of Fortune – Chapter 8

This one is easy. The tunnel is located inside the quarry. must traverse when you exit the quarry.

The Empress – Chapter 8

Once you’ve got the hands in the case of Ryan at the bottom of the stairs, make sure you make a left turn and enter the doorway. Go towards the rum within the room next to it and it will appear.

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The Emperor – Chapter 8

In the same space take a walk down the opposite corridor from the point you began to find this. Be sure to stay away from that red light before you have grabbed both of them, as that would trigger the cut-scene which will lead you out of the room.

Death – Chapter 9

Ryan will be able to find this as well, after you get out of the counter. Place yourself in front of the pillar, wardrobe, and red rug, to view it on top of the furniture.

The Sun – Chapter 9

After fleeing away from The Hacketts, Laura will climb the stairs that lead to an area with blue walls. When you reach the hall towards an upper level, you’ll come to the room with windows that are boarded up. Look around to find this card tucked away in the window.

Judgement – Chapter 9

It’s located in the second part of the scrapyard following Dylan unlocks the gates. The area is a maze but finding your Tarot Card is actually pretty simple in The Quarry. Take a straight line down the middle path , and then take the first set of stairs you’ll will see. When you’re at the top then turn left and traverse over the gap. The camera will move while you traverse.

The Hierophant – Chapter 9

It was discovered within the Storm Shelter, along with Abi. The room is extremely dark, however the card is easy to locate. From the point you started and take an right. This will make you face the doorway to the shelter. Move forward until you can see the card.

The High Priestess – Chapter 10

Kaitlyn is able to find the final card in the last chapter. After you have climbed the stairs to the second level take a U-turn and walk to the rug in red. The room you are in there is another set of steps to a third-floor storage space. The stairs are at the bottom, you’ll need to walk ahead as much as you can then make a left. When you are walking by desks and lamps there’s a view of this in the rafters.

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