All Limgrave Quests in Elden Ring

There are many Elden Ring quests in the Lands Between if you’re after an opportunity to get a break from being beat up by bosses. Although they’re not necessary for completing your game objective, it is possible that you might be missing out on important items, gear as well as a new Elden Ring ending If you decide to skip these quests. There’s plenty to discover, and it’s easy to overlook important NPCs and even before leaving Limgrave. So, In these article we discussed about Limgrave Quests in Elden Ring

Here is a an overview of all possible Elden Ring Limgrave quests rewards and how to begin them.

About Limgrave Quests

Limgrave is a Location and Region in Elden Ring. It is the Limgrave area will be the very first area that is accessible to the game. Playerswill be able to emerge from an underground home and will be greeted by the lush surroundings of Limgrave.

Limgrave is an expansive, lush section in the demesne of Tenebrae. Tall grass and golden trees and bushes provide ample food for wildlife in the area which includes boars, rodents, sheep, and goats as well as flying animals such as owls and eagles. The more ominous and violent animals are also present and anyone who ventures out must be ready to fight these creatures.

Elden Ring Limgrave quests

The Limgrave Quests of Elden Ring are listed below:

Sellen Quest

Starts: Waypoint Ruins, Limgrave

The requirements are: Defeat Rennala, get to the Mt. Gelmir area

Benefits: Glintstone Kris dagger Eccentric’s Armor set Shard Spiral sorcery Witch’s Glintstone Crown and Selen’s Bell Bearing (depending on your choice)

Selen is the first character to be seen at The Waypoint Ruins cellar in Limgrave. The quest will not begin until you’ve defeated Rennala, the Raya Lucaria Academy boss, Rennala and reached Mt. Gelmir to recover a certain item, but.

This quest isn’t as lengthy as the other ones but you’ll have to be able to defeat Radahn to be able to go on the quest beyond the point at which you’ve reached.

Blaidd Quest

Starts:Mistwood Ruins, Limgrave

Specifications: Speak to the vendor in Elleh Church to get the “snap” gesture.

Reward: Bloodhound’s Fang curved greatsword, Somber Smithing Stone (2), Carian Filigreed Crest talisman (unlock)

The quest of Blaidd is short and demands you to take down one boss. After you’ve walked through in the mistwood ruins and heard the howling you can speak to the seller at the Church of Elleh to receive the gesture. Making this gesture again in the ruins , you’ll be able to allow Blaidd down to the ground to chat with you. The talisman above isn’t awarded upon the completion of the quest, but can be unlocked by talking with the blacksmith of Liurnia of the Lakes.

Kenneth Haight Quest

Starts: East Limgrave

Requirements: None

Rewards: Erdtree Dagger

The majority of the questline is completed before you go beyond Limgrave. It’s not a lengthy quest and you’ll be rewarded with the Erdtree Dagger for completing the first portion. The tale ends at Stormveil Castle with the end of Nepheli’s journey.

Nepheli Quest

Starts: Stormveil Castle, Limgrave

Specifications: Speak to Nepheli prior to fighting Godrick

Rewards: Arsenal Charm

It’s a brief quest, but you’ll have to beat Godrick the Grafted in order to complete the quest. Nepheli is located in a room right in front of entering the Secluded cell Site of Grace in Stormveil Castle. If you don’t talk to her in the room, the calling sign will not be visible at the front door.

Gatekeeper Gostoc Quest

Starts: Stormveil Castle, Limgrave

Requirements: None

Rewards: Grace Mimic, Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone

This NPC on the first time you attempt to go into Stormveil Castle. There’s only one option you can make throughout the quest but it’s not going to impact the result. Similar to Kenneth Haight, Gatekeeper Gostoc’s story concludes in Stormveil Castle when you finish Nepheli’s quest.

Iron Fist Alexander Quest

Starts:Western Stormhill, Limgrave

Requirements: Reach Crumbling Farum Azula

Rewards: Friendship, Warrior Jar Shard talisman

The adventure of most popular Pot Boy span most of Elden Ring, beginning in Limgrave and continuing to an area that is late in the game. This fun-loving jar warrior can assist you in some of the most epic Elden Ring boss fights.

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