All free Mounts in Lost Ark and how to get them

Are you looking for a Free Mounts guide for Lost Ark game, Let find out All free mounts and how to get..

Mounts are a crucial component in Lost Ark. They can be used to get around faster or for a display to earn style points. The process of collecting them is an integral part of the game of the majority of players.

However, you’ll have to pay for your hard-earned gold to get the majority of the best Mounts on the market. There are some good alternatives that are completely free.

This is why we have listed all the free mounts within Lost Ark and how you are able to get these.

All free Mounts in Lost Ark and how to get them

As of Lost Ark is still transitioning from its original Korean and Russian viewers onto it’s Western version. There are still a few Mounts that aren’t available to the majority of users. However Here is a comprehensive listing of the free mounts that are available in Lost Ark and how to obtain these mounts.

  • Yudia White Horse Completing the prologue quest “Town Where Light Lingers”.
  • Dyorika Brown horse Complete the Prologue Quest “Town Where Light Lingers”.
  • The Loghill Black Horse Completing the first quest “Town Where Light Lingers”.

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  • Cloud Steed: Complete Side Quest “A Dying Horse” on Azure Wind Island.
  • Borea Courser Reward for 40 percent East Luterra Adventure Tome completion.
  • Wind Mane Mustang The Complete Second Quest “Returning The Flowers” on Azure Wind Island.
  • Frost Wolf Reward you for finishing Shushire’s main quest. Shushire primary quest.
  • Shadow Wolf: Rewards for maximum relationship between Poppy from Shushire.
  • Red Mane Wolf dropped By Batuark at Forpe Island.
  • Wolf of Vanity: Complete Una’s task “Wolf of Eternity” connected to “Eating With the Wolves” Reputation Daily for 15 days in total.
  • Gray-striped Raptor Reward for 30 percent North Vern Adventure Tome complete.
  • Silver Battle Raptor Reward for players who have an Amazon Prime Gaming subscription. Amazon Prime Gaming Service.
  • Gold Moss Turtle The Turtle Exchanges 25 Island Tokens Opher at The Lonely Island.
  • White Scarab You can get one Ignea token (complete one Adventurer Tome until 100 percent).
  • Apostel Bonus for 50% of Arthetine Adventure Tome complete.
  • Golden Terpeion: You can earn 14 Ignea tokens (complete 14 Adventurer Tomes up to 100 percent).
  • Dawn Chamkuri Then complete The “Rohendel’s Search” World Quest during Rohendel’s Main Quest storyline.
  • Apostel: Complete Arthetine 50% Adventure Tome.
  • Blauer Vogel: Completion of the Task of Una “Android Emancipation” on Facility X-301 for 15 days.
  • Flying Nimbus Rewards for finishing the RNG Quest after finishing the “Rescue the Stone Money”.

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