All Combat Stats in Lost Ark and What They Mean

As many players know, Lost Ark is a 2.5D MMO set in the sprawling imaginary world of Arkesia. Players have the option of choosing from a wide range of classes in their hunt for the mythical Ark. It’s not safe in the wild. If you’re planning to embark for your own epic adventure, it’s helpful to learn about the different combat stats and understand what each signifies prior to. An experienced traveler will be prepared to take on any challenge that comes at them.

This is a detailed breakdown for each of the 6 combat stats in Lost Ark and what they are all about.

List of Combat Stats in Lost Ark — and What They Mean

Statistics are extremely important when playing Lost Ark. They are the traits that show the character’s ability in many ways, like resistance to attack speed, as well as healing. If you aren’t aware of how to utilize these traits for your benefit, they could severely hinder your character’s development and create a Lost Ark experience unenjoyable.

There are two kinds of stats – basic Stats as well as Combat Stats. Basic Stats consist of Attack Power and Max HP. Combat Stats comprise of Crit Specialization, Domination Endurance, Speed and Expertise. As per Reddit user the username u/civocivocivo who is on the Lost Ark subreddit the most crucial stats to be focused on are Specialization, Crit, and Swiftness.


The term “crisis” in Lost Ark is the likelihood of landing critical hits. It is not a reference to the damage that is produced It is rather it is the sole factor that determines whether or whether the attack is crucial.


The degree of expertise within Lost Ark depends largely on the character you select. It is different for each character and indicates an increase in the skills specific to the class with the class you choose.


Dominance In Lost Ark refers to additional damage dealt to staggered forced, or debuffed enemies. This statistic has been made “effectively useless,” and is not a good idea to be ranked.


Rapidity in Lost Ark is a reference to an increase in the physical combat ability. It is a reflection of Attack and Movement Speed. It also decreases the cooldown of Skill.


The term endurance in Lost Ark refers to the character’s overall health and defense. It includes Resistance, Defense, the Effectiveness of Protective Effects as well as the ability to heal (or Shield). The stat has also been reported to have been declared “effectively useless,” and is not a priority.


The expertise within Lost Ark refers to how buffs impact not just your opponents, but the way they impact your character. Additionally time-to-deal with debuffs for opponents is increased, while that of debuffs for yourself is reduced. This also manages the impact of stagger effects on your damage. This should also not be given a higher priority.

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