All Cliff weaknesses and best Pokémon counters in Pokémon Go for July 2022

Cliff will be back in Pokemon Go alongside Giovanni for the Pokemon Go Anniversary event. There will be even more shadow Pokemon to hunt for and more tasks to complete when you face these influential Team Rocket members. Before you reach Giovanni, Cliff will be blocking your path. This guide will cover Cliff weaknesses as well as the best Pokemon counters in Pokemon Go.

How do you beat Cliff and there weaknesses

If you’re trying to find Cliff the elusive Cliff, you’ll require an Rocket Radar to track him to him. You can acquire the Rocket Radar by defeating six Team Rocket grunts and obtaining their mysterious parts to locate the hideouts of the leaders.

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First Pokemon

One of the first Pokemon Cliff utilizes to fight will be Cubone which is a ground-type Pokemon. Cubone is ineffective when it comes to Grass, Ice, and water-type Pokemon which means there is a slight limit on the options. We highly recommend any Pokemon which can effectively use these attacks, especially Grass type.

Second Pokemon

The other Pokemon Cliff can use against you is Luxray and Electivire. Since these Pokemon are electric-type and highly recommended to use the Grass type to be more invulnerable from their attacks specifically for Cubone. The two Luxray as well as Electivire are unable to resist Ground-type attacks. If you’re able to swap an Earth-type Pokemon to fight this battle great, or you could use a grass-type that is familiar with Ground-types such as Torterra.

Third Pokemon

The last Pokemon Cliff will take on you is one of the following: a Tyranitar or a Charizard or a Swimmert. These Pokemon differ significantly from each other in that Swampert being only weak against the Grass-type of moves. We recommend that you make use of a water-type Pokemon to beat Charizard and Tyranitar and the Grass-type may be ineffective against Swampert. But, if you use the Grass-type to beat Cubone to Swampert You might be able make short progress.

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After beating Cliff After battling Cliff, you get the opportunity to capture the shadow of Cubone. It could be the shiny version.

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