All Armor Locations in the Elden Ring

Here is a complete list of all armor locations in Elden Ring

Elden Ring has lots of armor sets that you can find and places to explore. The armor used in the game can be placed to protect your character’s appearance in four different slots, including head, body, arms and legs. As you’re probably aware, you’ll require all the protection that you can find to stay alive. You have the option of taking the route of heavy armor and compromise mobility, or you can choose lighter armor in order to reduce defense. Below, you will find an up-to-date listing of the armor spots located in Elden Ring.

Gathering and storing armor to make your character stronger is an essential part of every RPG. The case of Elden Ring, there are numerous armor sets and places to search for We’ve put together an alphabetical list below to assist you. The descriptions for some are unclear and there aren’t all sets listed in the list, so keep checking back for any updates.

All Armor Locations in Elden Ring

  • Alberich’s Armor – on the body inside the parish in West Capital Rampart, Lyndell
  • The Astrologer’s Armor Sold by the nomadic merchant on Liurnia Lake Shore
  • Bandit Armor Purchased from Gatekeeper Gostic on Stormveil Castle (3500 Runes)
  • Beast Champion Armor Available from NPC in the Warmaster’s Shack
  • Carian Knight Armor was found at an shrine to the east of the Church of the Cuckoo
  • Cleanrot Armor drops off Cleanrot Knights at Inner Aeonia located to the south from the Grace spawn
  • Commoners Simple Garb – Back alley at Gateside Chamber Site, Stormveil Castle
  • Chain Armor – Sold by the Merchant Kale at the Church of Elleh (4500 Runes)
  • Funeral Dress by the Site of Grace at Lower Capital Church, Lyndell, Royal Capital
  • Fur RifleDrops by blue ghosts in the Siogra River Well Depths, Limgrave
  • Godrick Soldier Armor The Drops of Godrick Soldiers
  • Incantation Scarab Helmet Purchase the painting by visiting Artist’s Shack in West Limgrave
  • Kaiden Armor – Drops from the Kaiden enemy on the beach near the campfire, to the southwest of the Church of Elleh
  • Knight Armor – Sold by Twin Maiden Husks at Roundtable Hold
  • Land of Reeds ArmorSold by an Isolated Merchants at Greyoll’s Dragonbarrow (4500 Runes)
  • Leather Armor is available for purchase. The item is dropped off of Patches in the Murkwater Cave
  • Lionel’s Armor- by the Site of Grace at Lower Capital Church, Lyndell, Royal Capital
  • Omenkiller drops off the Omenkiller in the ruins
  • Pumpkin HelmDrops off the enemy of the bridge near Saintsbridge, Limgrave
  • Raging Wolf Armor – Reward for questline from Rya southeast of Boilprawn Shack
  • Raya Lucaria Armor – found near the tombstone of the Church of the Cuckoo
  • The Royal Remains Armor It was retrieved from Roundtable Hold during the assault (randomly activated?)
  • Ruler’s Armor Take the route to the northeast from Atlas Plateau and search the wreckage
  • Twinned Armor – on an object that is held in Roundtable
  • Vulgar Militia Helm Drops mobs from the cave in Ravine-Veiled village, Liurnia of the Lakes
  • The Warrior’s Armor Sold by an Isolated Merchant at Main Academy Gate, Liurnia of the Lakes

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